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What They are Howling about...

Thanks for the phenomenal party last night, Joe! It was a great time with old and new friends in a spectacular setting. All your efforts clearly paid off. Now I'm proud to say that I've lived the legend that is your Halloween bash.
Jocelyn del Carmen

Joe, you are the best! It was well worth the trip from the City. The band was a hoot. Wild costumes. Jeff Ricker

You did such an amazing job! The party was fantastic!!!!!!! Thank you for the party! I had a great time. Katerina Rubin

We had a great time at your Halloween Party. You really know how to host a fun celebration. There were so many wonderful costumes and your decorations were unbelievable! We had a great time! Thanks again for making our Halloween this year so memorable. What an amazing party! Terry & Ken Seehart

Thanks for taking the time to make this party happen. It is truly the highlight of the season.
Vanessa Belland

Your party was fantastic. Julia Shuleshko

Thank you very much for organizing such a great party. All the people I have talked to said that it was the best party they had been to in a while. I am very grateful to have been able to be there. Christophe Bellouard

Thank you for inviting me to your party, it's always the best. I had the best time.
Aktham Jarrar

Thank you SOOOO much - I had a great time - the best Halloween party I have ever been to!
Teri Perlstein

I ordered a set of billiard balls for you. The least I could do for someone who throws such awesome parties! Michael Hopkins

It's the party of the year for sure
Judy Wilkinson

Never want to miss one of your parties Joe! You have created a Legend! Carol Wold

Joseph-- that was THE best Halloween party I had ever been to! I had no idea--it reminded me of those parties they have in the movies. I always think--no house party is ever that elaborately decorated and not everyone wears a costume but man-- Very awesome vibe you have going on--people really want to look great coming to your shindig. I thought it was very cool of you to be so warm and open to the free world to celebrate in this long holiday tradition with you and that you were so concerned with everyone's well being that you offered for people to stay as guests. Very cool. I hope you had a blast. Thank you so much for having such a wonderful gathering of spirits and just being so coool! Loan Thach

Thanks for opening up your wonderful home for such a great party. I throw parties, but never to this magnitude. So I know how much work and effort it took. And is still taking for clean up. Decorations were great. Want to express my extreme gratitude for the enrichment you have brought to my life this weekend.
Douglas Smith AKA WC Fields

Thanks once again for hosting a terrific and unforgettable Halloween party. Ky Van

A really outstanding party - great venue, great band, great crowd. Richard & Clare Nicholson

The Halloween party was great! I thoroughly enjoyed the evening; … an amazingly fun Halloween party. I look forward to the next one. Robert Green

It was a great party. Thank you for the hospitality. Simona Hutchinson

Thank you for inviting me to your great Halloween party, it was a lot of fun, your house looked spectacular. It was a very successful event. Joanna J

Thank you very much for organizing such a great party! I had a lot of fun and met some really nice people. Petra Jakobskrueger

Your party was fabulous. Thank you for having such a great party. I loved the decorations.
Denise Dutil

Great party as always... Thanks again... You continue to outdo yourself! Russ Heilig

Your party was fantastic, Joe! My hat's off to you for pulling this off every year. Everyone I talked to was very impressed with the decorations, and there were a lot of very original and creative costumes. And the coffin on the bed upstairs was huge hit. Phillip Koza

Thanks for hosting another incredible party. It was a really fun time and I'm looking forward to next year. Dave Morris

Thank you for the Halloween party last night. The decorations were superb and the attendance was unbelievable. I appreciate your time, effort, and most of all, your generosity in holding this. Elisa (The Silver Princess)

Your Halloween Party was really wonderful. I had so much fun. The decoration you put in place was awesome. The band played good music. All the guests were fun to talk to. I'm impressed on how much effort you put into the party. Sabine Villamar

We wanted to thank you very much for your amazing Halloween party and all the hard work that went into putting it on. …everybody's great costumes. Thank you again for your generosity and for a memorable bash!
Cliff Jew & Christina Boyko

I had a great time at your party! It was really amazing how you paid attention to every detail. Thanks again so much for the great party!
Susan Le

Thank you for inviting me to your fabulous Halloween Party. My friends and I really enjoyed it. I wish I could stay longer... do not forget to send me an evite next year. ;)
Keiko Sasada

Thank you so much for the invitation. This was my third Halloween party and it was great, just like the last two. Also, the decoration was awesome! Great job!! I always admired you for doing the party, for decorating the huge house so nicely and most of all for the effort.
Beata Szkop

I wanted to thank you for the most excellent Halloween party I've been to yet. Jeff Ricker and Lynne Butler had to do quite a bit of cajoling to get me up that hill, but I am so glad they did. They were not exaggerating. Your lavish wizardry in decor is pretty impressive! As were the costumes -- people went all out. Anyway, thank you again.
Elizabeth Eilert Grewal

I had a totally awesome time! Cathy Sechrist

Thanks for hosting such a great party. I appreciate being able to join you. I tried to find you that night to say hi and thanks in person, but I guess it's a sign of just how many people were there -- I never did find you. I danced a lot -- The Blind Pilots are a really great dance band. Your decorations were great too!
Robert Scheffel

Thanks for the party. Everyone was great.
Veronica Schneider

Thanks for hosting the party. It was a great one. Jinglan Qiu

It was a blast! Louise Fusfeld

Great pics,
great costumes, loved the band, the decorations, etc.!!! Thanks Joe - Excellent Party. – Marc Demas

Joseph Ols' monsterous Halloween party in the Los Gatos hills. We played this awesome event in 2004 and all we can say is: Oh. My. God. See for yourself, Joe knows how to throw a party. – Blind Pilots (the band)

Thanks for the best Halloween Party
Jeff Ricker

Your party was fabulous. You definitely know how to throw a mean party. … Big thanks again for the swanky party!
America S. Michael

Thank you very much for another fantastic party! It was awesome. We drove from San Francisco and it was worth it! Your decorations are very cool and it is a lovely surrounding of nature for the Holiday feel. Thanks again. Nina F.

What an elaborate party! and what an undertaking! The decorations were awesome... The music was great... the food and spirits were abound...I only hope you had a lot of help. I met many nice people and made a couple of new friends! I really had a great time! Parine Fowler

The party was a screaming success (yet again). The friends that I brought wanted to thank you as well. They all not only had a great time, but thought it was the best Halloween party they had ever attended!
Montgomery S. Pisano

GREAT PIX!! There were LOTS of awesome costumes I never even saw. The house looked amazing. Again, CONGRATS on the best party Halloween party yet (and not just at your house, this was one for the general record books). Scott Ellman

Thank you for the photos and thank you VERY much for another GREAT Halloween party!! I am deeply grateful... This was incredible fun. The live band was awesome, the people were awesome, the decorations were awesome, etc... Everyone I talked to said that it was a GREAT party! You are truly a very generous and kind person and very social and fun. – George Sudol

Your party was amazing! – Barbara Hibino

I wanted to say thank you for such a great party!! I had a lot of fun. Your house was decorated to the nines and it was absolutely fantastic! – Megan M.

Thank you for inviting me to your fantastic Halloween party. I not only had a fabulous time, but I also met a bunch of new people, who all became my friends and I'm very grateful for that. I can't thank you enough...
Daniela Cervova (flapper dancer)

I had a superb time at your Halloween bash. The band was excellent and the guests were fun. Mike Hopkins aka 'Morpheus'

Thanks for the hospitality! I was the one dressed as the female flasher! I had a great time! Your house and the decorations were great. Reisa Morgan

The Party of the Year Carol Wold

Your party is known as The Best!
Will Philips

Thanks Joe! this party is reaching legendary status. Sarah Weinkam

I would like to thank you for the beautiful party you had last Friday. I had a blast. The music, house and people were great. Also, I would like to thank you for your hospitality. God bless your heart.
Christ "Chiquy" Schoenduve

Thanks very much for the invitation to the party. It was awesome!!!! I really had lots of fun.. :) Santiago Quijano

Thanks again for the great party. Great decorations and lots of great people. This was my first time being invited and I had a great time. I broke my cell phone and my camera that night and even though i lost the pictures and cell data, I still had a great time. Caanan

We all had a fantastic time at your party! I've thrown enough of them to imagine the time and effort you put into it. Barb Erny

Once again a wonderful party. I danced all night!! Thank you!! Sandi Bacon

Thank you very much for having this party. It was a total blast. Joan Turner

Thanks again for a great time. [There was] a very warm and friendly great vibe at your party, and you have a lot of fun friends.
Arthur Zwern

Truely one of THE BEST house parties I have been to. Steve Deffley

Thanks, again, for a great party. Very impressive effort. -Bruce Miller

Now THAT was the BEST Halloween party I've ever attended. Thanks so much. I had a blast. -Jason Esswein

As far as I'm concerned, yours was the party of the year so far and I've been to a few.

Thank you again for your hospitality and such a fantastic party! I had a great time and was really amazed by all the fantastic decorations! The turnout was definitely great. I was, however, too busy having fun to count the number of guests! :-) Thank you for making Halloween such a fun and memorable one this year! Nina

Best Halloween party I've ever been to, loads of fun and great folks. Paul H. Nissley

What a fabulous party! I got together tonight with many of my girlfriends that attended your party. They are STILL raving about it!! Total hit in every way and are impressed immensely by you and your kind note (below) of the night :)! – Carol Wold

Me and my friends had a great time. I couldn’t believe how many people were gathered in your house, I know it is huge and all, but man what a great turnout. All said that they had a wonderful time, and would love to do it again! – Mark Melo

Thank you very much for the wonderful Halloween. That was my first Halloween. I had the great time in your house. That everything was prepared so well. congratulations, and - thank you once more... – Krystyna Bleszynska

I absolutely loved halloween this year! Your party was spectacular. You put so much thought into the decorations and planning -- it really comes through.

The ambience created by your "haunted house" lost in the foggy mountain forest was surely for something in the success but the setting was really second to none!
Serge Bedikian

Thanks for the great party! You really did an awesome job - throwing such an elaborate party - great decorations!! We had lots of fun. – Cheryl & Lee

Thanks for the great party! Would love to be there next year! – Misko Hevery

Thanks Joe I had a hell of a time.

Thanks for a wonderful party. This was my virgin voyage....and a good one! My favorite decoration is the slowly crawling spider in the rafters. Looking forward to next year already!! Thanks again, I know how much work it is not only in preparation, actual event and ugh!, the cleanup. – Sandi Bacon

Thanks to you. It was a great party. I really had a great time at your place.
Sonia Dupuch

Thank you for having hosted a marvelous Halloween party. I had a great time and met lots of nice people. – Paula Skoe

I'd love to thank you for inviting me to your party. My friends and I had a great time. If you do any party in the future, I'll be more than happy to be your guest. Beata Szkop

Thank You for hosting such a fun party on Friday. I really enjoyed it and the setting was great. – Brian Gold

It was nice to attend the Halloween party you organized! Thank you very much! Again, I thank you very much for your entertainment! – Yuko Ishida

Congratulation on another successful halloween event....all my friends enjoyed the party. – Pearl Tang

Thanks for a great halloween party!
Art Martinez

Thank you for the Halloween party--you get top marks both as an artistic director and a producer. I had fun last Friday, and so did everybody else.
Irina Meyers

I had a great time! – Peter Blas